Thursday, 5 July 2012

Yankee Candles

Left to Right: Pink Lady Slipper - Medium Tumbler, Mango Peach Salsa - Medium Tumbler & Vanilla Satin - Large Tumbler

Last winter I bought my first Yankee Candles, and now I am hooked! I've always loved candles before but could never find money friendly ones. Although Yankee Candles are not particularly budget friendly, it is certainly not making a massive dent in my piggy bank either.
Here are my Yankee Candle collection. I did have Cinnamon Stick but The Boy stole it from me ¬_¬ My favourite out of the three is Pink Lady Slipper.

Some tips I have learnt about candles 

  1. Always trim you candle wick to around 0.5cm 
  2. You can buy fancy candle wick trimmers OR just use nail clippers (that's what I do)
  3. Don't blow out your candles! The smoke masks the smell it has been giving off, instead use a smoke snuffer OR what I like to do is use the end of a used match stick and push it into the wax. This also makes it easier to relight next time. 
I've also used a few other branded candles. A slightly more pricier one that I would highly recommend is Max Benjamin candles - it's an Irish brand and uses Soy Bean Wax, so it doesn't contain parabens. I was introduced to this product as the wife/mother ( I can't what she said oops!) of one of the founders gifted it to my mother and I each Christmas :) You can find Max Benjamin candles at Selfridges and John Lewis or you can just buy from their website. 

What are your favourite candles?


  1. mmm... Love yankee candles.. smells so good could almost eat it haha ;)

  2. I am such a sucker for yankee candles, I have never found a candle that is quite on par with the fabulousness of a yankee candle! Definitely have to check the Max Benjamin candles now :) i scared to go in to John Lewis now just in case I dent my purse with candle shopping ><

    Loves, Biancarosa.