Sunday, 1 July 2012

My Bedside Table

I just got the chance to clean my room and rearrange my bedside table. And this is what it now looks like!

I have two different hand creams going on there. One is from Burt's Bees - not fond of the packaging nor the banana smell, I'm just trying to use it up. The other is a peach scented (and looking!) hand cream, which I'm not sure of the brand since my friend got it for me from Korea. 

I love Yankee candles and in my next post I will show you my little collection of them. And if there is one think you should know about me, is that I love Hello Kitty! To the point where I even bought myself a Hello Kitty bikini! Yep. You read that right. Twenty years of age and I'm still rocking a Hello Kitty bikini haha! 

I'm currently reading all those books in rotation. I usually read one book at a time, but I'm trying out a new way of reading. That and I want to buy new books so must read all of these first! I've been contemplating on a Kindle, but to be honest I love the feel and physicality of a book and I like building my book collection! Here's a close up of the titles:

As you can see there's a variety of genres. Don't you just love immersing yourself into a book, it really does takes you to a whole new world! I can easily stay up really late just gripped onto a book.

Anyways, I shall leave it at that. I need to get ready, as The Boy is coming to pick me up. We haven't planned anything yet...maybe cinema? 

Happy Sunday All! 

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