Monday, 9 July 2012

Wireless Festival

Last Saturday I went to Wireless Festival at Hyde Park and I had so much fun it was unbelievable! I bumped into a few school friends and had one of the best experience ever! Even the London moody raining weather didn't stop me enjoying it. I actually bought a rain poncho in preparation for the festival but in the end didn't really used it that much. 

I know Drake headlined and everyone went crazy for him, which I did too. But the highlight for me was The Weeknd at the Pepsi Max Stage which was in a tent. It was so crazy in there! I somehow managed to get in there and it was like a rave in there!

I didn't really take that much photos as I was too busy enjoying the whole thing OR just being squished by the others festival goers!

A couple of examples of the lost property at Wireless haha!

And my festival outfit :)

Vest: Concession at Tosphop
Denim Shorts: Reverse (DIY studs)
Knee Socks: Primark
Wellies: Hunter from Office
And various bracelets from Camden Market, Forever21, ASOS and Turkey Market Stall

I actually didn't both with a bag, and shoved everything in my denim pockets - which was phone oyster card and rain poncho! Make up wise I just wore a bit of mascara and YSL Glossy Lip Stain - kept it very minimalistic since I knew the rain would just wash it all away haha!

Did any of you guys go Wireless Festival? 


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