Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Afternoon Tea At Sanderson Hotel

In my previous post, I mentioned that I was going Afternoon Tea at Sanderson Hotel. And here are the photos! I had such a wonderful time there and the experience was really fun! I even saw a few famous faces ;)

The whole Mad Hatter's Theme was so cute! Me and my friends took so many pictures lol. The only thing I would say is that the sandwiches were not at flavoursome as I expected and the scones were slightly on the crumbly side for me. 

During our afternoon tea, one of my friends spotted Neyo. She was so nervous to go up to him so I took charge and approached him. He was so lovely and really took the time to take photos with all 8 of us! His security guards were so funny, I ended up having a little chat with them haha. Unlike the cast of TOWIE, I thought they were a bit full of themselves and my friend didn't manage to get a photo with them! What I can say is that OMG their teeth were blinding!

And here's a full outfit photo, since I didn't show it in the previous post :) 
Isn't the hotel's toilet so nice?!

So yep! That concludes my post. I'm thinking of going Afternoon Tea again but not quite sure where, I'm thinking at Sketch. It's looks so cool! Any recommendations around London?

Have you guys been Sanderson Hotel for afternoon tea?

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  1. Mad Hatter themed afternoon tea?! GENIUS! I want to have a party that mad hatter themed it seems so fun :D Your feather-print dress is amazing as well! You look so beautiful!

    Loves, Biancarosa.